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As we all know that IITs are the best educational institutions in our country. Every student of science streams dreams to get admission to IIT. Various factors drive the interest of parents and students towards admission to IITs. For students, this can be knowledge and skills taught on the IIT campus and for parents, this can be a good salary package, social reputation, and secure future of their ward.

There are various queries of parents and students which they often ask and search for. Some of them are discussed below:

Why a student should join an IIT-JEE Coaching?

When IIT-JEE planning comes to mind, it’s the first concern students and parents think about. Fortunately, we have so much knowledge about the Indian Institute of Technology and JEE these days that everyone is conscious of IIT JEE’s extreme competitiveness. If you don’t plan properly, you’ll stay behind, that’s the basic reasoning behind the need for JEE training coaching.

It does not mean that a student cannot clear the IIT-JEE without coaching classes, any student can do that. But if we analyze the actual data of the IIT selections, we will find that 49 out of 50 students have prepared for engineering entrance examination from any one of the best IIT-JEE coaching or any emerging coaching class.

A renowned Physics Teacher and Mentor of many IIT-JEE/NEET selected students, Mr. B. K. Saxena says that,

“Presently status of IIT-JEE examination has scaled at prominent height, and it happens due to compulsion of NCERT pattern and this body is having a vast area of knowledge. More than 99% of students are facing problems understanding this material due to a very weak foundation. So if anyone wants to crack IIT JEE, he has to take help from experienced hands.”

What time is the best time to join IIT-JEE coaching?

This is a very tricky question that when one should join the IIT-JEE coaching. There are various thoughts of people on this aspect. Some of the educationists think that students should join the coaching and start preparation for competitive examinations from an early age.

But there are also many examples of the students, who started their preparation not so early, and with the proper guidance of best coaching class for IIT-JEE, they achieved good ranks.

The point we need to look at here is, when we talk about the IIT-JEE class 8 student coaching scheme, it’s not the real JEE training (JEE syllabus). It’s about creating a firm base for the JEE Test. My recommendation to parents is if a student is in class 8, 9, or 10, and if IIT is the goal, enroll in a foundation course. Track the student’s success in the beginning year, and then determine whether or not you want to go ahead. It should be the student’s choice whether or not he/she wishes to stick with it.

Which Coaching Institute should a Student join for IIT JEE Preparation?

As we all have heard and read in media that in Kota, students are facing various issues but despite that, Kota is the first choice of students for the preparation of various engineering and medical entrance examinations. In India, there are many more cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Patna are the cities in which many coaching institutes are giving good knowledge and the best selection ratio in competitive examinations. 

All the big coaching take an entrance test for the admission of students in coaching. Students are selected in various batches as per their performance in the entrance test.

There is also a coaching institute for IIT-JEE in Lucknow, named Vidya Ashram Career Institutewhich is a rapidly growing institute for IIT-JEE in Lucknow. They are working with the best teaching methodology for the best result of students and to be the best coaching of IIT-JEE in Lucknow

For the maximum selection of students, Vidya Ashram Career Institute is working with many techniques. Some of them are as given features: 

  • Highly Experienced Teachers.
  • Well Researched Study Material.
  • Small Batch Size.
  • Regular Test and Doubt Sessions.
  • Online & Offline Class.
  • VACI Scoring App for Live Tests and Revisions.

Ultimately, just note that, whatever IIT-JEE training institute you choose, won’t guarantee you an IIT seat. Clearing IIT-JEE is a journey of hard work and commitment.

Act hard on continuity.

Wish you a great success ahead!

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